Is this a joke?

Yes. No. Maybe.

When we came up with this idea, we decided to do it for the sake of controversy — just because how bizarre and absurd it is to imagine someone actually going to China amidst the virus outbreak, and how ridiculous and insensitive it is to try to profit off of that.

Partly this is satire; a nod to late stage capitalism that learned to commercialize and commodify virtually everything, tragedy included, with zero regard to ethics and humanity. Fuck Bezos.

Then what? Then the idea began taking over.

Are you making fun of the tragedy?

No. Not in the slightest.

Thousands of people dying is no laughing matter, let’s just be clear on that.

However, the crisis inevitably reminds you of your mortality and that mankind still can be helpless against nature — even today, when it seems like we have really conquered the world and planet (and destroyed it halfway, but that’s a different story).

This epidemic is not something you can ignore, and it’s important to stop and to think and to process what’s happening and try to understand how it makes you feel.

Why are you doing this?

Let’s call it an exploration.

(Again, this is not a joke at the expense of China and Chinese citizens, and those infected, and those passed away.)

We do believe that someone who is crazy enough to go to China now can experience something most of us never would.

This is not about coronavirus, or China. This is about standing a little bit closer to death than usual. A chance to challenge yourself and feel something new.

If anything, it’s a chance to face yourself and your fears. And maybe do something about them, too.

Will the trips happen for real?

Yes, if there’s enough mad lads out there. We have no idea and can’t wait to find out.

You got me thinking. How can I help?

Donate money to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

What are you going to do with the money?

We’ll donate 50% of the profits to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Who made this?

Nik McFly & Eugene Kudashev.

How can I contact you?

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